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Should I take a first aid course?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

I often speak with people both at work and with acquaintances in my life who don’t want to bother with taking a first aid course. I personally think that everyone should take at least one first aid course in their lives. I took my first first aid course when I was 14 years old, and I’ve never looked back! Here are three reasons you should take a first aid course.

1. Work requires/ requests you to be a first aid attendant.

This is a great opportunity to get more education and learn or maintain new skills. Being a first aid attendant for work also means you get to participate in helping your coworkers return to full health. There is something satisfying about helping someone feel better in their time of need.

2. Personal education

I am constantly wanting to better myself. I like knowing I have the skills if there was an accident in front of me on the highway or if my daughter hurts herself, that I can be there to help out in their time of need. It makes me feel more complete and confident to know what to do in a time of emergency.

3. Professional development

Whether you are wanting to brush up the old resume or just wanting to add another skill to the arsenal, a first aid course is definitely a quick and easy way to upgrade your resume. Most employers looking to fill a safety position require some level of first aid to be considered for the job (along with other things). You as a safety professional need to also know what your first aid attendants are doing and be able to coach and guide them on how to improve their treatments. Having a working knowledge of first aid also helps when doing reports and trend analysis for types and causes of incidents in the workplace.

So, in short, should you get a first aid course as a safety professional? The answer is yes.

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