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Safety Tips for the Weather Change

It looks like the change in weather is upon us! With this come colder weather, rain and snow. Here are some helpful hints and reminders to make this time of year safer for you and your family.


  • Did you know it takes twice as long to stop on wet surfaces and three times as long on icy or snowy conditions. Make sure you are adjusting your driving speed and following distance in wet and winter weather.

  • Be prepared with an emergency kit in your vehicle (first aid kit, flashlight, water, blanket, etc.)

At Home:

Make sure your windows and doors seal well to keep the warmth in.

  • Avoid slips and falls by having rugs at entrances or taking off wet footwear before moving around your home.

  • Take care of your personal health by avoiding illness and staying home when you are sick.

At Work:

Have good anti-slip footwear for walking inside and out during wet and slippery conditions

  • Dress for the weather with layers to not get too hot or cold.

  • Stay hydrated! Having enough water in your body helps regulate your temperature and improves your overall health.

You can take any or all of these practical tips to stay safe and healthy during this change in weather. Be safe out there!

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