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Recommitment- to safety

As I reflect on last week and what is coming up this next week, I am reminded that the International Health and Safety Day is tomorrow, May 28th! It is also the Day of Mourning in B.C.

This is a time to reflect on safety in our workplaces and ensuring that we strive to eliminate the possibilities of workplace accidents in our places of work. It's a time to recommit our focus and dedication to prioritising safety in the workplace.

This is important for us to do. When we allow distractions or other priorities to creep in, it's critical that we still prioritise safety in our workplaces. Complacency can creep in if we're not careful. When we get complacent, details get missed that can make the difference to the safety outcome of the day. I made a video about this here.

Here are three ways to avoid complacency in safety:

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  1. Keep safety as a focus.

    1. put it at the top of your priority list for each day

    2. plan it into the cadence of your work in your weekly review

    3. weave safety into your day

  2. Challenge the norm with safety.

    1. think of a creative way to do a mundane safety task

    2. change your routine with safety. An example of this would be if you normally do a safety walkthrough or inspection in a certain path, trying going the opposite way or starting somewhere new.

  3. Get others feedback.

    1. ask a co-worker who doesn't normally talk with you about safety to give you their opinion on a Safety topic.

    2. get an outsider to come in and review your processes

    3. talk to a coach or mentor about ways you can improve safety in your workplace. If you would like to book 15 minutes with me to ask a safety question, feel free to book a timeslot with me here!

As we remember those who lost their lives from a workplace accident, let us challenge ourselves to recommit to safety in our workplace, and to not get complacent!

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