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Safety Simon

Hey! Safety Simon here:

I am an enthusiastic and passionate Health and Safety professional with over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing, transportation, and food production industries. My focus on quality coaching and teaching lays the foundation for safety culture change. My work in both unionized and non-unionized work environments gives me the flexibility to work with a variety of situations. Being bi-lingual and having lived overseas provides me with a unique insight into working with a variety of demographics.

I love teaching people new to safety on what to work on, what to learn, and how to get buy in and support from your co-workers. I share this through my Blog and through my Podcast- Safety Simon Says...

This was honestly, hands down, one of the best first aid course experiences to date. Simon is so passionate about first aid and really had our participants excited to learn and they left feeling confident in their skills and abilities.

E. J.- Councillor

The workshop was great! Simon always makes it fun and easy to understand.


Excellent instruction with lots of opportunity to apply learned skills in simulated settings. Simon brought a lot of enthusiasm and passion to the course.


Great discussion around safety. Thanks Simon for making our job easier!


Enjoyed the class thoroughly. Even though its a very serious class, the instructor made it enjoyable.


Simon is really outstanding especially when it comes to safety and does a great job on informing us about things we can work on.


Great class and information by a professional!


I love that we were not forced to participate. I am a listener more than a talker and didn't feel pressured to raise my hand and answer every question.


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